Tuesday, September 06, 2011

This does not surprise me at all -

"A New Jersey mom still grieving the death of her beloved teenage daughter says she was ordered by callous bosses to quit discussing the child after co-workers complained -- and was even forced to yank the girl's ballet slippers and photos from her cubicle."

"Two years earlier, Ingraham's daughter, Tatiana, 17, had died of leukemia, and shortly after, the devastated mom began decorating her desk with pictures of the child. She also kept on hand a pair of the girl's ballet slippers as a touching reminder. But Ingraham's co-workers whined that over the next two years, the married, inconsolable mom became an office pest with her tears and depressing attitude and that -- gasp -- it interfered with their work.

Ingraham's boss allegedly told her that he had received complaints about her conduct and her "uncomfortable" interaction with other workers.

One co-worker had even griped: "What else can we say [to her] that we have not said already?"

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