Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Reasons Why Youth Leaders Should Get In Shape

Go to the Christian Post to read the 10 reasons, which should apply to all priests, deacons, nuns, and all who work in ministry.

Related:  Nerd Fitness posts stories of nerds (people who are into gaming, science fiction, etc..) who get into shape and level up their life.  One of the stories involves a seminarian at Mundelein Seminary who lost 115 lbs.

"I’m originally from Odessa, TX, hometown to Permian football and Friday Night Lights (Steve’s note: great book, decent movie, INCREDIBLE TV show).

My journey began in the Summer of 2010 when I was studying Spanish in San Antonio, Texas. I had just gotten a physical the week before where my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure. I was weighed in at a whopping 376-pounds and was extremely unhappy with where my life was going (many tears were shed over my physical wellbeing).

I was in the Spanish program with a few buddies of mine who had always been health conscious.

I asked for their help and we developed an exercise routine that involved swimming and the elliptical machine for an hour a day, six times a week. With their help and support, I stuck to that program for the rest of the summer."

Read the whole story and an interview with Ryan here.

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