Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Island Press calls Islam a Religion under attack

Muslim Americans: Behind the Veil of a Religion Under Attack

The above is the title to an article in The Long Island Press.  My response is 'Religion Under Attack', wait...What?  Islam is not under attack in the United States, nor does the article actually show that it is.  The article mocks the NYPD for keeping an eye on the Muslim community but there is obviously a problem around the world with Islamic terrorism and radicalization of young people and as the article points out, this directly has affected the US several times.  Here in the US there has been no major backlash, no riots, no mass murder of Muslims after 9/11, after the underwear bomber, the Food Hood Massacre, the shoe bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Boston bombers, so there is no fact behind Islam being a 'religion under attack'.  In fact, worldwide, if you keep up with news from places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia and the Philippines you realize that the religion that is under attack around the world is Christianity.  So, while Muslims in the US and elsewhere do not deserve harrassment, questioning of their patriotism, and certainly not violence, they do need to recognize there is an issue in their communities and it needs to be addressed, just as Americans have issues with violence, incredible ignorance, and immorality and these need to be addressed as well.  I do not want to see innocent Muslims in the US or elsewhere harmed in any way, but let's not kid ourselves, Islam is not under attack in the US, but around the world Christianity is.

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