Sunday, October 06, 2013

Restoring the Sacred

St. John Cantius, Chicago

There is a lot of disagreement in the Catholic Church today, but certain things are indisputable:

Parishes in the Northeast of the US are shrinking or closing
Church buildings, built with incredible craftstmanship and beauty, paid for by the hard working poor immigrants, are half empty, completely dormant or falling apart
Calls for reform are all over the place

The New Liturgical Movement posts a great video of the work done at St. John Cantius in Chicago, and what has been done to revitalize a parish.  A parish has been pulled from the brink of death and a new community was established:  The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.  What is being done there can and should be done everywhere.

Here on Long Island we now have our own Canons Regular of Saint Augustine, a much older community that seems to be doing work of a similar nature.  Here are some great photos from this year's Feast of St. Rocco.

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