Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mother Angelica, RIP

I have not been blogging regularly since 2013 and since that time we also lost Fr. Benedict Groeschel, another great Catholic figure, who also could alternate between being cutting (in the best way) and hilarious.  I met Fr. Groeschel many times in person but never met Mother Angelica but they both appealed to me as orthodox speakers in a heterodox Church / World. 

Mark Shea remembers her and the time he was on her show here at his National Catholic Register blog.


"I was honored with the chance to do her show once and she made an immediate conquest of me. She could whipsaw from being a sweet old lady (she took my hands in her soft grandma hands and graciously welcomed me, "Oh hello dear! It's so nice to meet you. How *are* you?") to being that tough nun who scared the daylights out of every third grader. Only she didn't take it out on callers. She took it out on priests and bishops who needed a little Catherine of Siena treatment from a tough nun with soft grandma hands."     

For the best treatment of Mother Angelica and EWTN, see Raymond Arroyo's book - Mother Angelica:  The Remarkable Story of A Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles

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