Monday, April 18, 2016

St. Agnes Cathedral Renovation

The Cathedral of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has been renovated to help fix the mistakes of previous overhauls.  The tabernacle has been restored to the center behind the altar (what a concept) and the multi-colored ceiling has been painted to look, well, dignified.  The reredos is now a wood color rather than the previous all white, a great improvement in my opinion.  Below is a link to the new Baldachin which features beautiful pictures of saints from throughout our history.  The Baldachin is made of oak wood with 18 foot columns.  I can't wait to see the Cathedral in person, it is a great thing to see real renovations that restore the beauty and solemnity of Churches.  This renovation is indicative of what Bishop Murphy has brought to the Diocese of Rockville Centre:  a restoration and renewal.

The Baldachin of St. Agnes Cathedral

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