Wednesday, August 11, 2004

IRS to scrutinize pay of charities' execs

"The U.S. Internal Revenue Service said Tuesday some 2,000 charities will be reviewed under a new IRS enforcement effort to see if they're overpaying their executives. "

I support any review of how charities operate but I don't understand exactly how the IRS can say a charity is overpaying their executives? How much is too much? I suspect this will lead to a media expose on the pay of charity execs and possibly even resignations. I recently happened to be checking out some things on Guidestar and was amazed at how much a leader of one Catholic organization made. Even though this leader does an excellent job, the salary may still raise eyebrows among even the group's most supportive supporters. I also fear such a high salary, even if justified, may leak out to the press and just plain look bad.

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