Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"A man who said the movie "The Passion of the Christ" prompted him to confess to strangling his girlfriend pleaded guilty Wednesday."

One arrogant and nasty blogger who has bashed the Passion movie and its "supporters" once posted about this man when he originally went to court and pleaded innocent. Since said blogger believes the movie is dangerous and will lead to violence, the idea that the movie had only positive effects blew his fragile mind. Therefore when the guy pleaded innocent in court the blogger implied that this meant the movie did not really affect this person, and the movie's supporters were all wet. Of course, pleading innocent is a standard defense move - if a defendant does not plead the judge will usually enter his plea as innocent. I wonder if this blogger will print this latest development. I doubt it. This blogger once posted a clergyman's criticism of the Passion movie months after it was written in which the clergyman predicted violence. I commented that posting this prediction months after the movie was out just made the prediction look more foolish. After all, there was no violence associated with The Passion of The Christ. This comment vanished from the site.

(I think the Catholic League should update their Body Count - it is now 6 months after the Passion and the body count is : 0)

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