Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Mepham -type football incident?

"Three Lindenhurst high school football players were charged with gang assault this week after beating up two former students last Saturday, Suffolk police said. Police and school officials identified them as Dan Doerler, John Pensa and Thomas O'Hanlon, all 17-year-old seniors."

"Doerler, of 329 N. Hamilton Ave., and Pensa, of 822 N. Greene Ave., were arrested on Oct. 27. O'Hanlon, of 320 Newark St., was arrested Oct. 28. All three were arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on second-degree gang assault and released on $1,500 bail. Two of the suspects have been suspended from school, and one has been kicked off the football team, Lederer said, declining to provide specifics."

I just got home and noticed this story on the web. Interestingly I had dinner with my girlfriend near Lindenhurst and talked to her about how I felt jocks get special treatment and tend to be violent people. I am very surprised one of these monsters got kicked off the team because usually the coaches, families, school and community all support football players accused of rape, murder, violence, etc... Perhaps the Mepham football rapists - Ken Carney, Phil Sofia, and Thomas Diasparra have changed things on Long Island by their getting caught and convicted.

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