Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On Sunday I attended Mass at another parish, St. Christopher's in Baldwin. During my returning to the Church process a few years ago, I attempted to find a nice Church in a nice parish with a nice priest celebrating a nice Mass. Actually I don't mean nice, I mean Catholic, meaning orthodox. I kept track of my parish-hopping and stopped after about 38 parishes, realizing that the one I grew up in was the best I was going to do. I occasionally will try other parishes along with the traditional latin Mass in order to "spice up" my Sunday. Going to St. Christopher's (again) turned out to be a good thing- the Church was traditional looking, with no side pews around the sanctuary, and the tabernacle was in the center on a high altar behind the "regular" altar. On either side of the sanctuary were Mary and Joseph, each in a beautiful side alcove. There was even a large, wooden baldacchino over the altar, with angels on top and saints (I think) lining the sides. This parish is to be commended for keeping their Church both Catholic and beautiful with no wreckovation in sight. The choir loft was (shockingly) used by the choir, who sounded good. The priest, Fr. McQuade, celebrated Mass just the way I likes it - reverently with no clowning. Prayers were offered for Bishop Christopher Cardone, a local son who was just assigned to be Bishop of Auki, Solomon Islands.

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