Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I just got home from Book Revue, the largest independently owned bookstore on Long Island. I heard Nelson Demille talk about his just published book Night Fall and my girlfriend had her copy signed by him. He is a fellow Long Islander and Night Fall is a novel based on the Flight 800 crash that occurred off the Long Island coast in 1996. About 200 witnesses claimed they saw a light, like a missile, shooting up towards the plane but the government agencies all concluded it was a spark in the main fuel tank that caused the explosion. Some people are still not convinced and believe it was terrorism, with the intended target being the El-Al flight that was right behind Flight 800's path.

I have never read his stuff, but my girlfriend is a big fan and she must have great taste right? Anyway, an interesting thing about the book is that some local people who donated enough money to certain charities were able to be characters in the book. This is a cool way to help raise money for good causes, including my alma mater, Chaminade High School.

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