Saturday, November 27, 2004

My Directory of Catholic Blogs

By creating this directory, I have found some Catholic blogs I had never seen before and am once again amazed at the variety at St. Blog's. For example, Our Homeschool was just added today and the blogger bio reads:

"In my teens I was a liberal Democrat, a practicing Wiccan, and fiercly pro-choice. Wicca went first when I began a relationship with Christ. After experiencing an abortion I began looking into the pro-life side. I found the argument persuasive, and since then have read more and more that has led me to the conclusion that it is wrong to murder the pre-born. Then I began looking at all sorts of issues more conservatively, especially when I had a family of my own. I have come from the other side, and am usually unimpressed with the arguments. I used to use them myself, and have found that most of them don't hold up under scrutiny. I do love a good debate though."

"Now I am a faithful Catholic, and a happy wife and homeschooling mom."

These type of conversion stories abound in St. Blog's and they are all inspirational to a cradle Catholic like me.

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