Sunday, March 27, 2005

LI landmark in right-to-die battle

Chaminade's court battle 25 years ago was one of the nation’s first; it set a precedent that still stands today

I am glad to see this article and Newsday did a good job reporting the facts. The Brother Fox case was an important one - when Gov. Pataki signed a law regarding family-rights in these cases, he invited Fr. Eichner to attend the signing ceremony. Equally important to note is that Fr. Eichner recognizes that the Schiavo case is "quite different" from the Fox case. He is quoted as saying "Let her parents take care of her. It's an iffy case, and in those situations you always go on the side of life." It is also important to note that Dennis Dillon is one of the most Pro-Life Catholics in public office in the United States, and the Eichner Vs. Dillon case was a case of a great Catholic hero vs. another great Catholic hero. For more details on the Brother Fox case see here.

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