Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This was my last day of vacation - I take off Holy Week each year. I spent part of the day in the bookstore reading "Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson Is Guilty". The author is the biological sister of Peterson - his mother put two kids up for adoption and raised two kids. She met Scott about 5 years before the murder and for most of the book believed he was not guilty. The denial she had was bad, but not as bad as Peterson's mother Jackie. There are just a few chilling notes on the murderer who stayed in the author's house just before his arrest. The author notes Scott added hard core porno channels to his tv just after Laci's disappearance, he did not seem interested in the police search for her, and he became loud when seeing the police searching the bay where she was eventually found. She recounts several lies Peterson told and the partying he did while there was an ongoing search for his wife. He hit on her babysitter in a very obvious way just before his arrest. The author seems completely perplexed by Scott's evil - why would he kill his wife and his baby? why would he lie? How can someone plainly not care about his wife and baby's murder? The book is interesting because it shows on a large scale the type of thing we see in people everyday. Although most people we run into are not murderers, they do evil things that sometimes makes no sense.

I also spent part of today updating my Catholic Blog Directory - there was some discussion on about creating an official blog directory and several people volunteered to help. I love the St. Blog's webring but many of the links are dead and there is no easy way to surf since the list is random. I like to have a list in alphabetical order and if others have technical skills I would like to see the list be able to be sorted by location and/or category also. Hopefully a directory can be made with lots of features and I will gladly hand over my list and volunteer to help keep it updated.

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