Saturday, April 02, 2005

Newsday continues to reap what it has sowed:

Gossip Queen at Odds with Newsday
Liz Smith Says Daily Giant Unfairly Ended Contract

The reason this anti-Catholic rag is getting rid of most of its long-time columnists is that it is still hurting from the exposure of its massive circulation fraud. Advertisers must be paid back for all the money they overpaid, lawsuits have to be defended, and on top of all this, its actual circulation has gone down. So besides Liz Smith, who I think is a good soul who always tries to be positive about people, they dumped the horrible bigot Jimmy Breslin, the great writer but "recovering" Catholic Ed Lowe, and who knows how many others. Bill Donohue has called this paper the most anti-Catholic in the nation.

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