Sunday, June 12, 2005

I went to Mass at St. James in Seaford today. The pastor was assisted by a newly ordained Deacon (a convert). The lone altar server wore a black cassock, white surplice, and white gloves while carrying the processional cross. The choir sounded wonderful and the preaching was good. The only constructive criticism I would have for this parish, and I say this with all Christian love for my brothers and sisters, is to please SHUT UP before Mass. The 10 minutes before Mass was absolutely the loudest I have ever heard at a regular Sunday Mass. Do any of you ever have an unexpressed thought? Can any of you not talk for just 10 minutes? Ever heard of prayer? Do I really need to hear about the wedding you attended yesterday or the plans for the afternoon? I think the "hospitality ministers", who in my father's day were called ushers, were the worst offenders. Perhaps it was the acoustics in this modern Church but people need to learn to be quiet or whisper or something.

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