Monday, June 13, 2005

Newsday published a list of the biggest employers on Long Island today -

  • Catholic Health Services was # 4 with 14,000 employees (Catholic hospitals, hospices, home health care, etc..)

  • The Diocese of Rockville Centre was # 12 with 5,000 (not including clergy or Catholic Health Services

This shows how the Church needs to make sure it treats its employees with dignity as the culture within these two entities could really influence the entire culture of Long Island. Taking the social principles found within Catholicism and applying them well to this area could really make a difference. Combined, these two separate entities would be the 3rd largest employer on Long Island, behind the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System and the NY state government. This does not even include the various independent Catholic organizations such as schools run by religious orders or individual Catholic entities. If the Church practices what it preaches (and I am not necessarily saying it doesn't) then the influence it has on the employer culture can be great.

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