Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Newsday:

Judge: Thefts by ex-leader of charity 'an abomination'

"It was a losing bet.

And the final payout came down Wednesday for Pauline Winterbottom in a Riverhead courtroom."

"The former director of a Catholic charity was sentenced to 3-to-9 years in state prison and ordered to pay restitution of more than $700,000 for stealing money from the church-administered program to buy lottery tickets.

"This case is an abomination," Suffolk County Court Judge Ralph Gazzillo said in handing out the sentence in his Riverhead courtroom. "You stole from a charity."

I am glad to see she will serve prison time. Now I would love to see a full investigation into how someone could take $700,000 from this organization. The least this organization could do is write up a full investigation into how this happened and what measures they will take to make sure it never happens again. This full report should be printed up in The Long Island. I also hope this woman has some assets that could be seized so the $700,000 could be paid back.

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