Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The murder of Marcello Lucero continues to shake things up here in Suffolk County:

"Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said yesterday that he wasn't getting the information he needed from former Fifth Precinct Commander Salvatore Manno so he stripped him of his command."

It had to do with the whole issue of getting the information, the proper information that I needed in a timely manner," said Dormer, who on Monday replaced Manno with Insp. Aristides Mojica. "I was getting different stories at different times. I wanted to get a handle on this stuff.

"Dormer said he selected Mojica because he is Hispanic, adding that the appointment "clearly sends a strong [message] to the community that I have taken the incidents that occurred in Patchogue very seriously."

Hopefully, this will be just the first step to improving the Suffolk County Police Department's record on violence against latinos. Violence in this county is out of control as it is and the police need to get to work.

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