Thursday, November 27, 2008

Proof that white trash are too stupid to learn:

Police: Youths harass Hispanic men in Patchogue

The amazing thing about the Marcello Lucero murder case is how many of the Patchogue and Medford teens seem annoyed at the idea that their friends are racists. They all seem to be saying: Hey they like to mug people, violently attack them for fun, and beat people that are weak in society, but they are not racist God forbid! This NY Times article quotes some of them and also adds this:

"Mr. Conroy was the best known of the defendants and, according to prosecutors, the leader of the group. He was on the school’s lacrosse and wrestling teams, according to his friends, and his lawyer, William J. Keahon, said he had received “a number” of offers of college athletic scholarships."

I would like to know what colleges offered this punk scholarships? Have these offers now been rescinded? I think that if colleges offer scholarships to jocks, at the expense of scholars, then they should have to explain themselves.

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