Saturday, April 27, 2013

Protesters demand Catholic Church take stand against drones

"SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The group was not large, but they say they're determined. Their demand? That leaders in the Catholic Church, like Syracuse's Bishop Robert Cunningham, take a strong stand, demanding the United States end their use of drones.

“We met with the Bishop about a year ago and he couldn't make up his mind then as to whether or not this was a moral issue. We feel that it's an outstanding moral issue,” said Jack Gilroy, anti-drone protester.

The Bishop was not in Syracuse as the protest happened. But he does not appear ready to make a judgment yet on the drone issue.

“The Bishop feels very strongly about it. As a Catholic he is, obviously, opposed to killing. But he needs to make an informed decision. It's a very complicated issue,” said Danielle Cummings, Syracuse Roman Catholic Diocese."

The article is small and can be read here.  I am conflicted about drones also - while they can be more accurate than traditional military methods of fighting, it is not right that a state can decide who is an enemy and kill them and everyone around them.  On the other hand, terrorism has to be fought wherever it is and we cannot send troops into every nation with Islamic terrorists.

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