Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mass in a Mall

From PRI's The World:  Catholic Church in Philippines Holds Mass in Malls

"The Catholic Church in the Philippines is doing all it can to reach out. Even though the Philippines is the third largest Catholic country in the world, the Church has been losing followers. In this hot, humid country, many families prefer to spend Sundays in climate-controlled malls than in church. So the priests have followed them.

At Robinsons, I meet Father Maximo Villanueva. He also preaches at a nearby church but he admits that the mall is more user-friendly. And there are benefits to celebrating Mass in a shopping center.

“About a second after the Mass you can eat anywhere and go to the movies. I like it,” Father Villanueva says, laughing."

With the design of many Churches today, and the way people dress at Mass, would a Mass in the mall really feel that much different?  I suppose this is what Pope Francis means when he says the Church must go out among the people.  I remember hearing about an idea to setup a Catholic Information kiosk in a mall on Long Island.  I think it would be a good way to evangelize but I don't think anything has happened on the idea yet. 

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