Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Parker: There is an alternative to the abortion culture

Yesterday there was a great column by Star Parker in Newsday regarding Kermit Gosnell and the abortion culture.  (I am linking to the same column in the Washington Examiner because Newsday has a pay wall). 

"But it is ironic that those who call themselves "pro-choice" argue that the only alternatives facing low-income women are unsafe abortions done by sleazebags or government-subsidized abortions.

There is another choice, but those who call themselves "pro-choice" don't want women, particularly poor women, to consider this option. This option is called "birth."

When conservatives talk about a culture of responsibility, we're not just talking about the personal responsibility of the individual in trouble. We're talking about the personal responsibility of the rest of us toward that individual.

There are now thousands of crisis pregnancy centers operating nationwide. More than 2,000 are affiliated with either Care Net or Heartbeat International. I maintain a regular active speaking schedule for and consult with these centers.

They work with pregnant women in trouble and provide them the services they need to have their child. They provide ultrasounds, parental counseling, life-management counseling, help with the physical needs of the mother and child and, if need be, help with adoption services."

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