Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bishop Murphy to Ordain Two Men to Priesthood on 6/27/13

2013 Ordinations

The website of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has more info on the two men, both 27, who will be ordained to the priesthood this year.  I was hoping by now there would be the same short bios on the 14 men ordained to the permanent deaconate, but I do not see any on the DRVC website or at the Long Island Catholic website. That is too bad as it would be good for the people of the Diocese to know who the men are and their backgrounds.  There is a slideshow of pictures here.  The growth of the ranks of deacons has been a great untold story in the Church since the 1970's.  Even without much fanfare, or much support in some areas, the diaconate continues to grow and have contributed greatly to the Church.

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