Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Last Counter-Reformation Pope

From Catholic Exchange:

George Weigel looks at Pope Paul VI, the Charlie Brown of Popes, everything he did got all messed up.  Only Weigel puts it more scholarly like and as usual he has a great understanding of the big picture.

"Paul VI, to be sure, helped hasten that transition. He brought the Second Vatican Council to a successful close—although he did not provide keys for the authentic interpretation of the Council’s accomplishment, leaving that task to John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The lack of such keys during the 13 years between the Council’s conclusion and Pope Paul’s death was one reason why the wheels seemed to fly off the Catholic Church for two decades. Amidst the chaos, Paul VI tried to craft an exercise of the papacy adequate to the Church’s reformed self-understanding as a communion of disciples in mission. Yet virtually every one of his accomplishments in implementing the Council had its shadow-side."

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