Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thayer man discovers the Catholic Church while studying in Israel

From the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, a familiar conversion story of a protestant who became Catholic after studying the early Church as well as its Jewish roots.

“The more we came to know Catholicism, the more we identified commonalities with Judaism, especially in liturgy,” said Umbarger. “Getting to know actual Jews and actual Catholics exploded this myth, and gave us the uncomfortable task of determining whether or not the churches we had been brought up in actually were based on New Testament models.”

Second, Umbarger began to read the church fathers “ravenously.”

“Over and over again, I discovered that the earliest documents of the church reflected a Catholic framework,” said Umbarger. “Non-Catholics had to either force the words of the fathers to contravene their plain sense, or to find heresy in their writings, usually endorsed in an official sense in the Catholic Church.”

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