Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombers were Muslims

Boston jihad murderer became devout Muslim, grew long beard, hectored friends: "Why don’t you become a better Muslim?"

Boston jihadi had direct contact with Chechen jihad terrorists

Boston jihad murderer's mosque recently hosted author who criticized U.S. for "war against Islam" 

 City of Boston gave "subsidy" to Boston Marathon jihadists' mosque

All of the above links are from, an invaluable website.  Considering that the FBI was told the one brother had contact with radicals and was questioned in 2011, and considering the brothers came to this country from an area that is largely muslim and has a recent history of incredible violence, you have to wonder whether we have learned much or anything at all since 9/11!

At least my congressman, Peter King, gets it (although I am not sure if I agree with his idea of declaring the Boston bomber an enemy combatant) - his facebook post:

"There have been 16 terror plots against New York since Sept. 11, 2001, all Islamist-based. We’re at war with Islamic terrorism. It’s coming from people within the Muslim community by the terrorists coming from that community. The Boston Marathon bombers obviously were Islamic terrorists motivated by Islamist views.  Read more:"

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