Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sacred Heart Catholic Church now offers Latin Mass on Sundays

This story is from North Carolina and represents part of the legacy of Pope Benedict and the return to tradition that is ultimately going to help the Church.  The story was written by a Hugh Fisher, who should be congratulated for writing one of the best stories on the Latin Mass return I have read.  It does not contain any of the buzzwords (back to the people, nostaglia, etc....) and it quite accurate.

"It’s become common for churches of different denominations to add contemporary worship services, which often feature modern music and a more relaxed style of worship.

Meanwhile, in Salisbury, one church has responded to requests from parishioners by adding an option for worship that is older, not newer.

Since April 7, Sacred Heart Catholic Church has been offering the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, also called the “Latin Mass,” as one option for Sunday worship.

Worshipers at the 4 p.m. service now pray along with Gregorian chants sung by a newly-formed Latin choir, as Father Jason Barone and servers offer prayers that have changed very little since the 16th century."

Read the whole article, it is worth it.

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