Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crying Babies At Mass

Everybody is talking about crying babies at Mass  -

Leah Libresco started it off with Oh Stewardess?  There's a Baby in my Plane!

I responded to a commenter there who has experienced the anti-baby babies in society:  "That is sad Kayleen, and it is a symptom of our decadent and joyless culture – people who see children as annoyances probably do not enjoy much in life. I am glad to say our son has elicited nothing but loving smiles and joyful waves at our Church. Hopefully, our culture will make a U turn and children will be seen as the blessing they are (for parents and non parents alike). That being said, I do everything possible to keep my son from shrieking at concert like decibels at restaurants or at Church and will take him outside if necessary. I try to be polite to others, you know, do unto others etc…"

Deacon Greg Kandra has a reader mention the issue here

I commented on the Deacon's site:  "My son will be 2 very soon & we take him to Church and thankfully people have been very happy to see him. We noticed the crying room encourages him to run around so we now stay in the pews. I take him out when he makes too much noise. Thankfully there are statues and great stained glass to occupy him somewhat. I have noticed since becoming a Dad how inadequate the parishes on Long Island are for young children – few have changing stations in the bathrooms for example and the outlets in the crying rooms are not covered. I think a pro-life Church that wants children should work on that."

Calah Alexander responded to the comments on Deacon's site here.

Dr. Gregory Popcak joined in here (spoiler: he is pro-baby)

The bottom line on this issue:
  • Babies are great and should be a source of joy for all, especially at Mass. 
  • The cry rooms in Churches are not good. 
  • When babies become too disruptive at Mass, and they will, then a parent must take them in the back or somewhere so others can pray. 

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