Monday, May 06, 2013

Are some people just born evil?

In the new book, ‘Confessions of a Sociopath,’ one woman says yes—that those like her lack a moral compass and take joy from our misery

 "Her psychopathy manifests itself in generally soft violence: She likes befriending other women, eliciting their deepest fears and most shameful experiences, then using all that information against them: “I indulge in inserting myself into a person’s psyche and quietly wreaking as much havoc as I can,” she writes.
Thomas has set friends up with each other, playing the long game and going after one half of the couple when it will hurt most (she identifies as bisexual). She rose academically and professionally through threats and bullying: gender discrimination, fabricated claims of sexual harassment, anything that would get her closer to her goals. She has destroyed others’ careers.
“I am absolutely shameless when it comes to asking for, pushing for, and ultimately inducing people to give me what I want,” she writes, “whatever it takes.”

Read the whole article in The New York PostThis is exactly why real Catholicism is so necessary and why the Church and American society needs massive reform.  We have way too many sociopaths around and instead of fighting them, we seem completely oblivious. 

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