Friday, May 10, 2013

Mommy Blogs

Catholic News Service has a story about Mommy blogs - this subspecies of Catholic blogs has fascinated me since they first started to show up in growing numbers.  Unlike the typical blogs in the early years of 'St. Blogs Parish', (See this early list of Catholic blogs that I read 10 years ago) Mommy Blogs do not focus so much on Church politics, regular politics, the Liturgy wars, or the Church scandals.  They are more focused on the daily life of a Catholic mother, the joys and challenges of mothering and raising children in the 'domestic Church'.  I find the mommy blogs to be very high quality and interesting, even though I am a daddy and not a mommy.

The Catholic bloggers mentioned in the article are:  Catholic Mom (Lisa Hendey), Not Strictly Spiritual (Mary DeTurris Poust), and Coffee Talk (Rebecca Teti). 


"WASHINGTON (CNS) -- One of Mary's titles is "Christ's First Disciple," and some of Christ's earliest followers were women, two of whom he appeared to first after his resurrection.

Now, some 2,000 years later, another special group of women, specifically Catholic moms who blog on the Internet about their faith, the Catholic Church, as well as the joys and challenges of parenthood and everyday family life, can be considered among Christ's newest evangelizers or "digital disciples."

"Part of our vocation as mothers is to be within our home and do our work with love, and (as Catholic bloggers) we can also do work that draws people closer to Christ and his church," said Lisa Hendey, a Catholic wife and mom blogger from Fresno, Calif.

In between carpool, dinner and homework duties, a growing number of Catholic moms have turned to Internet blogging as a newfound outlet to enrich their own Catholic faith, as well as the faith journeys of their regular readers, with whom they form a sort of spiritual camaraderie."

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