Saturday, March 09, 2019

Catholic Podcasts

So I have been (somewhat) blogging for 16 years now but I don't know if anyone reads blogs anymore.  At one point 'St. Blog's Parish' was the happening place to be.  Now, Podcasts and Vloggers are the new hipsters.  I have been listening to some lately on several of my interests:  Healthy eating / fitness, Money, Genealogy, History and of course Catholicism.  At their best, the podcasts remind me of when I first discovered Catholic blogs - there is plenty of discussion, information, inspiration, and interesting people at all spots on the journey of faith.  The only thing missing is the back and forth argument/discussions that had been found in blogs (which happened to be the best part). Here are some Catholic podcasts I have enjoyed:

The Patrick Coffin Show - he is knowledgeable and has a range of guests which includes some popular people not necessarily known for Catholicism such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes.

Catholic Creatives- I just discovered this one yesterday and already have found two very interesting interviews:  the episode titled JPII Fought Nazis With Theater:  Cole Matson, and Lessons From a Megachurch:  Jake Brown. 

Taylor Marshall - Lots of current Church topics

Untitled Catholic Podcast - this is a local one featuring Fr. Sean Malgaldi where three guys discuss general stuff in addition to 'Church stuff'

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