Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I have been a lazy blogger or perhaps just did not have the desire to keep up with Church happenings.  Some of the things I never blogged about:

Telecare is now called Catholic Faith Network

Bishop Brennan was appointed to lead the Diocese of Columbus.  With this appointment, it appears there are 5 Long Island Bishops who have been sent elsewhere:

  • Peter Anthony Libasci appointed Bishop of Manchester
  • Nelson J. Perez  appointed Bishop of Cleveland
  • Robert J. Brennan appointed Bishop of Columbus
  • Robert J. Coyle, appointed Auxiliary Bishop for the Military Services, USA
  • Robert E. Guglielmone, appointed Bishop of Charleston

  • Update:  The site where I took this info neglected another Long Islander who is a Bishop elsewhere:  Bishop Christopher Cardone, Archbishop of Honiara, Solomon Islands

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