Tuesday, March 05, 2019

I found this video today and heard some pretty good ideas in it from Fr. Ralph Sommer, pastor of St. Bernard's in Levittown.

Link for Video:  The Evangelizing Pastor Webinar

(the part where it is supposed to show a video does not work so it is minutes of a blank screen)  I especially like the poll they had after all their Masses one Sunday asking what areas the parish should put their energy into.   The most popular choice was 'Pass the faith onto the next generation' which did not surprise me.

The more we hear and see scandals in the clergy, and confusion among the laity, the more helpful it is to have good ideas for passing on the faith at the parish level.  This is where most Catholics connect with the Church, not online or in the publications that many of us have followed for so many years.  That is why it has been great to see some younger priests become pastors recently, as long as they live truly holy lives they can help to influence Catholics in the right direction. 

UPDATE:  In checking out the website of this parish, I see they are raising money to add a larger lobby for the Church, consolidate some buildings, improve the parking lot and best of all - add a steeple and get rid of the tower pictured below!  The tower is located right on a very busy road - Hempstead Turnpike and I always thought this tower was pretty hideous.  It sounds like this renovation is going to make this a much nicer parish complex.

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