Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The Spiritual Witness of Flannery O'Connor

This article by Amy Welborn at Catholic World Report is a couple of years old but is a good starting place if you want to get to learn about O'Connor.  I was introduced to her in my Catholic High School and think she is one of the greatest American writers.  The article mentions a documentary about Flannery called Uncommon Grace.

Here is a snip from the article, click on the title of the post to read the whole thing:

"How is it that stories about shyster Bible salesmen, unbelieving preachers, murderers, farmers, racists, and arrogant pseudo-intellectuals—most of whom find themselves at the wrong end of a gun or bull or weaponized textbook at one time or another—can be “spiritual”? Where’s my gauzy cover art and happy ending?
Well, if that’s our notion of “spiritual reading”—either fictional or non-fictional—no, we’re not going to “get” Flannery O’Connor. O’Connor looked at the world and saw a hard place—not because God wanted it so, but because we made it so. Moreover, she saw a loud place, deaf and blind and deeply resistant to grace—grace that she knew and trusted was still being offered.
How do you get the shysters, the unbelievers, the intolerant, and the prideful—namely, all of us—to see? You must, as she said of her own writing, shout. You must exaggerate."

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