Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Ignatius Press at Forty

Congrats to Ignatius Press which played a huge role in my reversion.  I still have hundreds of IP books some of which I have yet to finish reading (or start reading).  I keep thinking I will donate them to a Catholic parish library someday but hopefully one that is not far away in case I want to keep reading some of them.  Fr. Fessio has surely accomplished a huge thing for the Church.  If you are not familiar with Ignatius Press check it out.

"Ignatius Press books are invariably well-presented, of a similar size and texture. They are physically good to hold. Their print is easy to read. The editing is always careful. The reader can be sure that there is an argument to be made, a point to be considered that gets to the heart of some basic issue. I recall Father Fessio saying to me years ago that we never know who will read a book. A book is thrown out there into the world, searching, as it were, for a reader. We never know who, if anyone, will ever read it or when or where, or in what language. Book publishing is both an act of faith and a throwing of the dice."

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